Friday, 3 August 2012

Fans Article: By Gary Alder

Kell Brook – The Next Big Thing?
One thing to say about ‘Special K’ already, is that he becoming one of Britain’s fastest rising stars, and loved by boxing fans across the country.
It seems he is someone who was being made in the image of the infamous Naseem Hamed. Coming from the ‘steel’ city of Sheffield there are many similarities in both of their backgrounds.
Yet Kell Brook is a completely different entity. I would not associate him with the type of knock out power that Nas possessed at his weight, but someone who rather always stays cool, boxes an almost perfect outside game, with excellent defence, working behind a jab and a solid straight.
I think that is probably the issue as to why Kell just hasn’t stepped up to the world championship level yet, a knock out ability to stop the best in their tracks.
The best draws in boxing at any weight have knock out power.

Any promoter such as Eddie Hearn (Matchroom) who promotes a fighter such as Kell, would be confident to throw him in with anyone at any level and know that they would give a good showing.
Kell is very unfortunate to have reached his peak at one of the best times in welterweight history.
With Mayweather, Pacquiao, Ortiz, Berto, Alexander, Maidana, Lopez, Guerrero, Bradley, Mallanagi. Not to mention the likelihood that Amir Khan will step up, The possible return of Ricky Hatton.
There are so many fights out there for Kell at the moment, and I can understand his promoters rush not to rush him into big time opposition if they don’t think he’s ready. 
Long enough has been spent building Kell’s career that there simply is no need to rush the most vital steps of them all.
His recent fight with Carson Jones people felt answered a lot of questions. I as many of the British public felt that Kell would walk through Carson. And after 6 rounds it seemed that way.
Until the 7
th round, and the blood filling up Carson Jones nose, eyes and ears kicked him into gear and literally dragged Kell into a war.
With Kell having a broken nose, bloody dazed and battered thoroughly by the 11th round, It pondered me that this wasn’t good matchmaking but a real underestimation on how good the welterweight division. A guy highly ranked by the IBF or any organisation should not be taken lightly, Kell’s promoter Eddie Hearn seemed to sum up the camps feeling at ringside post fight:
‘’There is no rush. I want to make sure we are in a position this year for a world title. We are not prepared to take two or three fight options for small money”
The problem is the fans lust for blood may not have been satisfied by Kell, his last  fights have been well ground out, almost punch perfect points decisions, whilst you cannot criticize it doesn’t promote excitement, especially against Lovemore Ndou, Matthew Hatton and recently Carson Jones.
I think the time is probably right for Kell to step up and challenge Paulie Malinaggi. I just don’t rate Paulie at world level and Kell could definitely out work him for 12 rounds.
The key would be the first and second defence. If he could bide his time against a couple of mandatory challengers, then a unification match could be around the corner against Randall Bailey.
Who knows, if Amir Khan can prove himself once again at welterweight, maybe, just maybe we can have a great British showdown at Wembley and have a winner go on to fight Floyd Mayweather.
But for Kell to compete alongside some of the pound for pound greats for world honours, means training camps have to be taken more seriously.
If he does……the sky is the limit.

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