Friday, 17 August 2012

Fury could face either Chagaez, Liakhovich or Mormeck...

British heavyweight giant Tyson Fury has a bout set for November and he would like it to be against a former world champion. And at the moment, that looks like exactly what's going to happen.

The three fighters that are being considered at this current time are Siarhel Liakhovich, Ruslan Chagaez and Jean Marc-Mormeck. Now, I know all of these are nowhere near the level of fighters we want to see Fury face, e.g. Price, Haye, Maybe even Klitschko?, but it is a slight step up from the opponents he has been facing so far.
Jean Marc Mormeck.

Out of the three, if I had to chose one for Fury to face, it would have to be Mormeck. He might not be the best out of the three proposed opponents and he certainly isn't the biggest, however he is definitely the most well-known man out of the three. So this means that with the amount of fans Fury brings in and the small draw that Mormeck brings then it shouldn't be hard to sell tickets or promote this fight.

We will have more on Fury's opponent in the near future, as you never know these days... It could end up being another journeyman again.

The event will take place in either one of two venues. Before yesterday, it was looking certain to be in Las Vegas but in the last 24 hours Dublin has been added as a potential alternative.

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