Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Darren Barker frustrated with injury, Could walk away from the sport!

British middleweight contender Darren Barker has admitted that he feels like walking away from the sport of boxing after his latest injury in a long list of career setbacks.

The former world title challenger had a dream opportunity for his comeback fight on September 8th. He was facing a tough but beatable opponent at a local venue. And to top it all off, he was headlining the show named "London Calling." However, he has had to withdraw from the fight after suffering an arm injury in training.

This is nothing new for Barker, who has been tarnished by injuries so far in his career. The 30-year old Londoner has still not fought this year and has revealed that he is feeling very down at this moment in time.

"It was unfortunate, I was in the gym sparring and I caught my elbow on my sparring partner's elbow and damaged the tendon in the bicep so we had a scan and the doctor ruled me out," explained Barker.

"I feel like I've run over a cat! Stepping over drains, walking under ladders, I don't know what's going on. Funnily enough I've been avoiding all those superstitious things and I'm not normally superstitious but I was so desperate for nothing to go wrong for that fight."

"I'm really down at the moment and struggling to stay positive. I've got to try to keep my head up. I'm a young 30 so if I do choose to carry on then I'm sure my body can do it. Its a tough question for me at the moment when I'm this low and down. I'm so down in the dumps because the most valuable thing on the planet is time and I've invested so much into this fight. It was the perfect comeback fight, a good opponent at a local venue, everything was bang on and for it to fall through has completely shattered me."

I believe that Darren Barker is seriously considering is future in the sport but I think we will almost definitely see him in the ring again. He is only 30-years old so he does still have time and he proved in his fight with Sergio Martinez that he does belong at the top level of the sport. If Barker manages to shake off his injuries and problems, I think he can make his way back to the top of the sport.

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