Thursday 16 August 2012

Bailey continues with trash talk...

Bailey with his IBF title.
Now that the location has been sorted for their fight on September 8th, Randall Bailey has just one thing in his mind... Beating Devon Alexander.

The fight has been confirmed for well over a month but it took a very long time to find a venue for the fight. But finally, it has been announced that Las Vegas will be the location for the fight.

During the build-up to the fight there has been a huge amount of trash-talk between the two-men. There's been rows on Twitter, bad-mouthing in interviews and neither man has held back with what they're saying. With fight night fast approaching, Bailey has continued with this trend. 

"Devon Alexander is definitely going to get his ass whooped," said Bailey during an interview on ATV Radio. "They're talking all that sh*t. I don't know if they magic. They gonna have to know magic if they want to find a way to beat me." 

The 37-year old is usually pretty reserved when it comes to talking about his opponents, but this time something has changed. He has cussed Alexander on numerous occasions and doesn't look like he will stop into they're actually in the ring. Maybe he feels that it will help promote the fight or maybe just give him an advantage over his opponent. However, he claims that he is tired of talking and just wants to fight now. 

"Trust me, I got tired arguing with him online," Bailey claimed. They just talking, they don't mean half the shit they say. I'm really looking forward to f*cking him up." 

Alexander hasn't replied to these comments yet, but don't be surprised if he comes back with something smart soon.

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