Sunday 29 July 2012

Groves shakes off ring rust!

British and Commonwealth super-middleweight champion George Groves returned to the ring last night (July 28th) after just over 8 months out of the ring and just one and a half rounds of action in just 14 months. The 24-year old shook off his ring rust and defeated Francisco Sierra by 6th round KO.

It was a decent performance from Groves but Sierra, who I think was underestimated by a lot of people made it very tough for the Brit. Many people expected it to be an easy comeback fight for Groves but Sierra had different ideas. He took every shot that Groves threw at him and at one point it just looked as though he was never going to be hurt. He even had Groves hurt with a body-shot at one point. It took Groves a few rounds to shake off the rust and then as Sierra started to tire, he took advantage and finished in fantastic style. He landed a left-hook, right hand combo that sent Sierra crashing from the canvas. It was clear at this point that Groves, who is known as a devastating finisher, was going to end this fight right then and there. Sierra got up and came powering forward yet again but Groves landing a solid right hand that was followed by a barrage of punches and Sierra's corner were forced to throw in the towel.

The only negative thing to say about Groves at the moment is that sometimes he gets dragged into a brawl and lets his heart rule his head. This is okay if you're a Carl Froch or Juan Manuel Marquez type of fighter but I don't think Groves is cut out to fight in that type of way. Especially as he is only 24-years old and if he continues to fight on in that type of way, it could potentially affect him in the future.

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