Saturday, 16 June 2012

Quigg and Munroe left frustrated!

Quigg shows disappointment as fight gets called off.
The highly anticipated domestic clash between Scott Quigg and Rendall Munroe suffered a huge anti-climax when the fight had to be stopped in the third round due to a cut above Munroe's right eye caused by an accidental headbutt. The decision was given as a technical draw.

Although we had only seen two rounds, the fight was looking too be a British boxing classic. Munroe had won the first round and Quigg just nicked the second. The fans were on their feet throughout the whole of the first two and a half rounds and were very disappointed when the fight was called off. Some people even booed the doctor, but there was nothing he could do. There was no way that Munroe could have continued with a cut like that.

In the post-fight interview, Quigg claimed that the headbutt was completely accidental and said: "It's boxing, It's just how it goes isn't it."

Munroe was very annoyed at what had happened. He said that he understood that the doctor had to stop the fight but also expressed his anger towards what had happened. The main thing that annoyed both men was the amount of work they had put in for this fight. Both of them claimed that they had trained harder than ever before for this fight, and technically, it was all for nothing.

Ricky Hatton, who promotes both fighters, feels that there has to be a rematch somewhere down the line.

"There's gotta be a rematch... As soon as Munroe's cuts healed up, immediate rematch," said Hatton.

The thing that made this even more disappointing for the people involved is that it was Hatton's last show on SkySports. The former world champ-turned promoter wanted to go out with a bang and this was the show that was meant to do it.

I'm sure that we will definitely see a rematch somewhere down the line, but it could be a very long time. It was the type of cut that will take a very long time to heal and could affect '2 Tone's' career in the long term.

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