Monday, 11 June 2012

Prizefighter returns on June 20th!

On June 20th, the popular British Prizefighter tournament returns with a bang as eight heavyweights will battle it out to be crowned champ at the York Hall. In case any of you haven't seen one of these tournaments before, it consists of eight fighters, seven fighters and one winner. And to make it all better, it all happens in one night!

Here is a list of the eight men that will take part in the tournament:

Tom Dallas (15-2, 11 KO)
Tom Little (3-0, 0 KO's)
Noureddine Meddoune (4-1, 4 KO)
Marcelo Luiz Nascimento (16-3, 14 KO)
Albert Sosnowski (46-4-2, 28 KO)
Tor Hamer (15-1, 10 KO)
Maurice Harris (25-16-2, 11 KO)
Kevin Johnson (26-1-1, 12 KO)

There's a few 'decent' boxers that you might recognise from that list, but to be honest, Prizefighter is exciting no matter who they have in it. 

Just a few years ago the man at the top of the list, Tom Dallas, was considered to be a rising prospect on the British scene. However, now he is considered a 'has been' or someone who will 'never quite make it' after he has looked terrible in his last three fights. He won a very controversial decision over American journeyman Zack Page and then he suffered two devastating beat downs to British heavyweights David Price and Matt Skelton. This tournament could be the perfect opportunity for him to make a comeback but it is highly unlikely.

Another notable fighter is Kevin Johnson. The 32-year old suffered an embarrassing loss to Vitali Klitschko back in 2009, but there is still some hype about him in the States. Since the fight with Klitschko he has won four fights, including 9th round TKO over Alex Leapai back in April. 'Kevbo' does talk a lot of smack and is probably the favourite to win on June 20th.

The only two fighters that have really never been hear of are Tom Little and Noureddine Meddoune and they are probably the two men that are there just to make up the numbers. The other four are decent fighters but are not expected to win the tournament. However, this is Prizefighter and there is usually a couple of upsets during the tournament.

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