Sunday 24 June 2012

Lopez stops Ortiz... Breaks him down!

Lopez lands a devastating blow on Ortiz. 
It has happened once again. Victor Ortiz has cost himself another loss in a fight that should have been an easy win. In case you haven't heard... 'Vicious' Victor Ortiz quit on his stool in his fight last night (June 23rd) with Josesito Lopez, complaining of a broken jaw.

Right from the off, it was a closer and more exciting fight than many people expected it to be. A lot of boxing fans, including myself thought it would be an easy fight for Ortiz and just sort of a 'ticking-over' bout in preparation for his scheduled superfight with WBC light-middleweight champ Saul Alvarez.

Ortiz complaining of broken jaw.
Lopez won the first round and although he was moving up in weight, he looked slightly stronger than Ortiz. But then the momentum switched. Ortiz dominated the next few rounds and in the fifth Lopez went down from an illegal blow to the back of the head and took a very long time to recover. It looked as though the 29-year old was finished. He came back strong for the last minute of the round but none of his punches seemed to be hurting Ortiz. The next round had less action but Ortiz still clearly won the round. But then things changed again. Lopez got himself back into the fight and started to push Ortiz back. It started to look like the Ortiz who gave up against Maidana back in 2009. And then, once again, Victor Ortiz proved his doubters right. He pulled out at the end of the 9th round, complaining of a broken jaw.

To be honest with you, I'm not convinced that this is true. It might have been broken but until it's proved, I'm not going to believe it. He didn't look in any pain at all in the 9th round. He looked as if he was ready to give up but he did not show any signs of serious pain. I think that his will was broken yet again.

I do actually like Ortiz, but I do think that this is the end of his career as a top level fighter. He's shown us on numerous occasions that he just doesn't have the mental strength that you need at the highest level of the sport. Because of this fight, he's not only lost value but he's also tarnished his reputation and lost a lot of popularity with the fans.

Let's look at the positive side of this fight. A new star has emerged. And his name is Josesito Lopez! The guy has beaten one of the top stars in the sport and looked fantastic whilst doing it. He managed to come back from almost being knocked out and stop a much higher level of opponent late on in the fight. The 29-year old has an exciting fighting style that a lot of people will want to see again, so you can expect to see him in action a lot more times in the future.

Another person that has been affected by this is Saul Alvarez. I think it's safe to say that Ortiz Vs Alvarez will not be taking place on September 15th. Ortiz is now the third failed opponent in a row for Alvarez so it now looks as though he will be facing Erislandy Lara in September.

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