Thursday, 14 June 2012

Dean Powell sides with Frank Warren!

Dean Powell (right) with fellow trainer Enzo Calzaghe.
The matchmaker Frank Warren Promotions, Dean Powell has dismissed the rumours that he will be involved with the highly anticipated, controversial heavyweight clash between David Haye and Dereck Chisora at Upton Park on July 14th. He is 100% sure that he will be working with Chisora and other fighters on the card come fight night.

"It is not true that I will not be working, the information is incorrect and I will be working at West Ham in my usual capacity," explained Powell. "I will be working in the corner alongside Don Charles [Chisora's trainer] and also as a cutsman and wrapping hands - I want to make that clear. My position is this - I will be standing alongside Frank Warren, Don Charles, Dereck Chisora and all the rest of Frank's fighters and staff. It is nonsense to say otherwise. I want this to be corrected. I'd like to know where people get this 'information' from because it simply isn't true."

The rumours were first heard on various boxing forums around the country. The forums in question stated that Powell had told a few of his fighters that he will not be working with them on the night of the fight. It is not quite clear as to who is responsible for the rumours.

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