Friday, 25 May 2012

This Weeks Interview: Shane McPhilbin

This week's interview is with former British cruiserweight 
champion Shane McPhilbin...

You shot to fame after your fantastic comeback against Leon Williams in January... How much has your life changed since that moment?

Its been a mad few months. People knowing who i am is weird and sometimes have to 
pinch my self. Am living the dream.
Do you think that if the 1st round wasn't ended early in your fight with Enzo, you would have won?

Of course he was gone and i dont think it would of took much to of put him away but cant look at the past got to focus on the rematch and prove i can do. 

If you could fight any cruiserweight in the world... Who would it be?

Denis Lebedev or Marco Huck both tough men and come to fight. What are your aims and ambitions for this year?Get british title then move on to next one. I want to take one fight at a time and keep moving on. Carl greaves gets me fights and i get in their and do my best I would not be where i am today without carl.
What motivates you whilst training?

The thought of letting myself and people down i have come a long way in the last two years and dont want this journey to end. Nobody had me down as a prospect or contender and have proved a lot of people wrong.
How did you get into boxing?

I started at the age of eight and had my first fight when i was ten. I boxed for my dads club bulwell abc then had a break between 15-19. I was ask to help coach at hucknall St George ABC and got my coaching badge. The head coach Paul Singleton talked me into fight again at super heavyweight and made it to the final of the novice senior championship in my first season back. I went on to 
box in the aba semi finals losing to tyson fury.
Who inspired you when you were just starting out?

My dad he was my idol he ran is own boxing club where my three older brothers boxed as well. Watching them fight was great and begged my dad to join in. In my 
family if you did not fight you did not eat so i must of been a good fighter as my older brothers are all smaller then me.
What is your prediction for your rematch with Enzo?

Well am going to give it my all i want this so bad. This time i will be more ready if I KO him inside the first then great but i will be more ready to fight 
him for 12 rounds. Alot of people did not know i had a chest infection a week before the fight and thats why when you watch the fight i was spitting alot. I had to say sorry to all the judges after the fight as i covered them. But i dont make exauses enzo won and i will get him this time.
What has been the most memorable moment of your career?

Well winning the british title of course its the best title in the world and i will always be remembered as a british champion. Also fighting enzo. I did not have to fight him but theres not many chances you get to fight one of your idols.
You have some of the best fans in the world... How much does this help you when you are in a fight?

My bulwellians their crazy. I have only fought in nottingham once and been classed as the home fighter 3 times. I always had to travel to get where i wanted to be and they have followed me everywhere. I took nearly 300 to my last fight and everybody said that they made the night. Would like to say a massive thanks to them all.
You have achieved so much already in your career.. What are your dreams for the future?
I want to be the best i can be i dont think i have hit my peak yet and have only had 12 pro fights so i think i have a lot of big fights still in me.

And finally, a question from one of our fans... Do you feel cheated by the outcome of your fight with Enzo? 

Well its a hard one the guy made a mistake and as been punished . To answer the question yes as i think he was gone and no as i think i could of done more in the last half of the fight. But come june 22nd i will leave nothing to chance.

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