Wednesday 23 May 2012

Juan Manuel Marquez returns July 21st or 28th...

Juan Manuel Marquez.
It has been confirmed that Mexican light-welterweight Juan Manuel Marquez will not be fighting on July 14thas Top Rank could not find a suitable opponent for the man who is adamant that he wants to fight a southpaw so that he can prepare for a fourth fight with Manny Pacquiao.

Top Rank offered Marquez Zab Judah and Brandon Rios. Either of these would have earned the 38-year old a big amount of money but he simply refused to fight them because they were not a southpaw. When Top Rank finally found a southpaw that was a half decent fighter, the fight was scrapped as Marquez wanted too much money. The light-welterweight champ was in search for a big money fight but Gesta is not a big enough name to draw in the kind of money that he wants.

It has not even been confirmed that Marquez will fight Pacquiao at the end of the year but the Mexican is confident that the bout will happen. In his previous fights with the Filipino he has lost two and drawn one. However, these have all been very controversial decisions and some people believe that Marquez deserved to win all three.

So, it now looks like Marquez will be fighting in Mexico once again for the third time in just four fights. And, it will likely be against a fighter that will not draw in any big money and will probably not prepare him for Manny Pacquiao.

The July 14th show will be replaced by a new card that features Amir Khan Vs Danny Garcia and Seth Mitchell Vs Johnathon Banks.

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