Sunday, 20 May 2012

Interview With Johnny Greaves

This weeks interview is with Britain's No.1 Journeyman Johnny Greaves...

Johnny Greaves (right) with trainer Frank.
You are considered by many as the No.1 journeyman in Britain... Are you happy about this or do you have dreams of one day winning a title?

No, I'm more than happy to be known as that. It's the hardest gig in the sport. I was on the road from day one and I can't be arsed to sell a ticket.

Who is the best opponent you have ever faced?

Gavin Rees. Seasoned ex world champ.

What motivates you when you are training?

Just paying bills and getting to the ton of fights.

You have had over 80 fights in your career... How many fights are you aiming for before you retire?

It's always been about reaching the hundred. Was from my debut.

What is your mindset going into a fight?.. To win or just to survive the rounds?

Different fights, different mindset. In some I've worked hard and made it easy but not been given the nod. Others? Survive!

How did you get into boxing?

Me and my bro Frank were given gloves and we boxed each other and loved it from there.

Who were you inspired by when you were just starting out as a boxer?

Loved fighters like Colin Dunne, Benn, Eubank, Mike Ayers. Other than Benn and Eubank, Brit level because I see a lot of them about.

If you could fight anyone in your weight division, who would it be?

Such a choice! Ha. I'd box absolutely anyone, past or present. No boast. I'd feckin love to box the best ever.

And finally, a question from one of our fans... What is the hardest fight you've ever been in?

Would have to be the Venezuelan in Manx, on Haye Bill. The guy had hands like rocks and I really had to use every trick in the book.

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