Sunday, 20 May 2012

Interview With Ali Adams

Your next fight is against Audley Harrison on May 26th.. How are you feeling going into this fight?

Unbelievable. Training could not have been better. Nothing can stop me. This fight is a real life version of Rocky. I am Rocky he is Apollo Creed. This is the fight where the man who has everything (multi millionaire living on a beach in California) fights the man who has nothing (me) 

You've talked a lot about ending Audley's career.. Are you really trying to do this or are you just focused on getting the win?

Once Audley loses to me it will be automatic that his career ends. He could not come back from that so what I am saying is I will win and it will automatically end his career 

Were you annoyed that the fight was postponed on April 14th and moved  to May 26th?

Initially yes but then I realised it is fate. My Dad died on 26th May 2011 and the fight is one year to this date. My Dad was my inspiration and I know this was meant to be. He will be in the ring with me and I just cannot lose.This is fate and it is my day. 

You had a bit of a rocky start to your career but things changed when you switched trainers and promoters.. How did Don Charles and Steve Goodwin help to turn your career around?

I was going nowhere. Training was not good enough. I had no direction. I decided to leave where I was and had a meeting with Steve Goodwin. Steve has turned my life and career around and Don Chalres is a world class trainer. With this team I can do anything. I was a moderate fighter before teaming up with these two now I feel I will be world class. Watch as I make a real life Rocky story come true. 

Within two months of the change you had won your first title at York Hall.. What did this feel like?

It was amazing. When I met Steve he said he would deliver me a title fight that December and then a big name thereafter. This was the first time in boxing someone had delivered what they promised. It was the best night of my life but it will be even better on 26th May 

You have started to get a bit of a following on Twitter and a tremendous amount of support for this fight.. Do you feel better knowing that more people are backing you? 

Yes and I want to interact with all boxing fans. I want everyone to come to the press conference and the weigh in. I want to meet everyone and it is fantastic to have so much support. I am doing this for every boxer on small hall shows going nowhere to show there is light at the end of the tunnel if you keep hope and get the right people around you. 

What is your prediction for your fight with Audley? 

In Round 4 Audleys going on the floor. 

Finally, a question from one of our fans.. Where did 'Uncle Audley' come from and what is it like having such a strong team? 

He disrespected me. So its gloves off. At his age he should be sitting with a pair of slippers in front of the fire. He is old enough to be a granddad hence the Uncle Audley. 

Can I finally say a big thank you to those who support me. I also wish those that bad mouth me all the best as they are showing an interest in the sport I love and thats what matters. On May 26th everyone will realise that this is a new Ali Adams and a much improved one. I will die rather than lose and with my Dad behind me I will not lose. - Ali Adams

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