Friday, 27 April 2012

Tony Bellew Proves He Is World Class...

British light-heavyweight Tony Bellew retained his title on Saturday night against fellow Brit Danny McIntosh. 

Bellew (18-1-0) dominated from the first round. He just had too much for McIntosh who was made to look very un-experienced and lazy. The fight was meant to be a close one but Bellew just proved to be too good and showed everyone that he has what it takes to compete at world level.

The 29-year old dominated every round and then pulled off a fantastic knock-out in the 5th round. McIntosh tried to put the pressure on at times but Bellew was too skilful and ended up countering McIntosh with more shots than he had thrown.

The knock-out came just after a clash of heads that caused a cut under Bellew's eye. Bellew looked a little annoyed with the incident and responded with a fantastic shot that sent his older opponent crashing down to the canvas.

McIntosh fought Bellew's nemesis Nathan Cleverly a few years ago and personally I think that Bellew performed better against him than Cleverly did. 

Bellew called out Welshman Cleverly once again during the post-fight interview saying "I was promised a rematch with Cleverly, it was broken. I'll fight him tomorrow in Wales or even in his back garden!"

This fight definitely proved that Bellew is much better than domestic level and he desperately wants a rematch with Cleverly as their no one else in Britain that can really challenge the 'Bomber'. The first bout between the two was very close and although the decision was given to Cleverly, it could have easily have gone either way.

Carl Froch (Bellew's sparring partner) and David Price (one of Bellew's best friends) both backed up the idea that Bellew is now world class in an interview with the two fighters. 

What will see next from Tony 'Bomber' Bellew?.. Most people will be hoping for a rematch with Cleverly but I very much doubt that Cleverly would accept that fight. One thing we know for sure is that we can expect big things from Tony Bellew in the future.

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