Sunday, 22 April 2012

Pacquiao mixes religion with training...

Pacquiao prays.

Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao has found a way to combine his newly found religous life with his training for his upcoming fight with Timothy Bradley.

The Filipino fan favourite will hold bible-reading sessions after each of his daily workouts. He has also said that he wants to follow up his fight on June 9th with a preaching session at one of the country's biggest coliseums.

Pacquiao has changed his life around dramatically over the last few years. He used to known for enjoying late-night parties and having a big gambling problem but now he believes he is a changed man and has been chosen by God to spread the 'word'.

Earlier this year 'Pacman' announced that he had a religous conversion and was giving up allof his vices.

Some of the public have even come to watch Pacquiao during these religous sessions at the hotel where his training camp is based.

In an interview on Sunday Pacquiao's promoter Bob Arum said that he preferred his fighter now much more than he did when he used to drink and gamble all night long.

Will the new and transformed Manny Pacquiao be better or worse?.. We'll just have to wait until June 9th to find out.

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