Friday, 20 April 2012

Mike Tyson admits to prison sex!

In an interview with Rick Reilly of ESPN news the former heavyweight world champion Mike Tyson revealed a shocking secret that he did not mention in his one-man show 'Undisputed Truth'this week. 

The controversial film star announced that he had sex whilst in prison. He quickly say afterwards that it wasn't with another male inmate, it was with a jail official.

"I didn't talk about Vietnam,or getting a jail official pregnant, or stuff." 

Reilly who has interviewed many crazy and controversial celebrities in his career did not steer away from the topic. He wanted to find out exactly when and where it happened but Tyson himself cannot remember. 'Iron' Mike Tyson is believed to have been arrested 41 times but he has said in previous interviews that it could even be more.

His most recent prison sentences have been for extreme crimes. In 1992 he was convicted of rape but many of his loyal fans believe that he was not guilty. He was also arrested in 1998 for road rage and most recently in 2009 for a bust-up with a photographer.

'Iron' Mike has told the public that he is now a changed man and that his bad and chaotic days are now behind him.

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