Sunday, 1 April 2012

Khan and Brook argue on Twitter!

Amir Khan and Kell Brook have been trash-talking about each other yet again, 
this time it was on Twitter. 

Khan has been so angered by the comments of Brook and his promoter 
Eddie Hearn that he has vowed to "never box him now." 

Brook and his team have been calling out Khan for a while now declaring 
that Khan will be destroyed if he ever stops running. This time Kell 
Brook has wrote on Twitter that he will KO him and "make him do that 
silly dance again." 

However, Khan has stated that whatever Brook and Hearn say, it will not 
get him to fight 'The Special One' as he is nowhere on his radar. He also reminded everyone that Brook and himself fight in different weight classes and that Brook has not fought anyone that is anywhere near his 
class yet. 

Khan replied to Brook's tweet by saying: “Kell Brook calling me a queen 
then begs me to give him a payday. For that quote, talk like a man 
instead of talking like a queer. I promise because of all his and 
Hearns bullshit - I will never give him a shot. Kell Brook doesn’t 
deserve to the fight the king, ever. I’ll never box him now. Please 
Kell Brook grow a dick. Eddie Hearn n Sky promising you Khan fight. I’m 
promising u now it ain’t gonna happen ever." 

“I’m after the big boys ….. Peterson, Marquez, Ortiz, Alexander, 
Mayweather all great fighters, Brook got along way to go, ain’t fought 

At the moment it is the usual situation where a new upcoming star calls 
out a bigger name fighter to build up his reputation and to be fair to 
Khan he does have bigger fish to fry at the moment. But, that could all 
change if Khan loses to Peterson again on May 19th. This would almost force to him fight Brook as he it would be the biggest pay day 
available for him.

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