Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Klitschko Wants To Stick To Politics

Vitali Klitschko who is the current WBC World heavyweight champion has stated that he doesn't see himself doing boxing for much longer. He instead wants to focus on his political career in Ukraine. 
He is in charge of an opposition party called 'Udar' which means strike and he wants to be Kievmayor. Klitschko went for the position in 2006 when he ran on an anti-corruption platform but came second but still managed to grab 26% of the vote.

When asked about his future in boxing and how long he thinks he has left in the sport he said ''not a long time... I will concentrate on politics because Ukraine has huge potential.''

Klitschko then went on to talk about George Foreman who became the oldest heavyweight champion at age 45 in 1994. '' I definitely don't want break George Foreman's record.''

So surely this will be good news for the rest of the heavyweight decision as they may stand a chance at the World title when there is one less Klitschko around!

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