Monday 12 March 2012

Groves pulls out of Friday's fight!

Groves (Left) - Anderson (Right)
 ‘Saint’ George Groves has pulled out of his fight against Kenny Anderson due to a back injury. The bout was scheduled to take place on Friday night at the Wembley arena.

Groves announced on Twitter earlier today that he had withdrawn from his fight against Anderson due to an injury he picked up whilst sparring Earl O’Kane.

‘’I suffered a back injury sparring with @KingKane11 (Earl O’Kane) and haven’t trained properly since. I failed a fitness test today and decided to withdraw.’’ These were the exact words George tweeted after a lot of rumours had been floating around on Twitter.  There is no news yet as to when he will back and able to fight again. All we know at the moment is that the fight has been postponed and may be rearranged for a later date.

The postponement was announced just after SES Boxing claimed that they had won the purse bid for Groves to fight super-middleweight World champion Robert Stieglitz which means Groves will most likely relinquish his British belt for the chance to challenge for the World title.

Kenny Anderson who is in top form after winning his last three fights was very angry about the fight being called off!

‘’Its brutal because of all the effort we have put in... A lot of people have sacrificed a lot of things. Its me that gets in there and fights but everyone in my life makes sacrifices’’ he told Boxing Scene.       He then went on to say ‘’I don’t believe in my heart that he’s injured. I don’t think they wanted to have this fight, it is too risky and they want the other fight because it’s a bigger fish.’’

So it now looks like Groves will challenge for the World title once he has recovered from his injury and Kenny Anderson will miss out at his chance at the British title against Groves.

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