Sunday, 18 March 2012

Khan not looking to fight Brook!

Khan (left) , Brook (right)
Last night Kell Brook put on a very good performance and dominated Matthew Hatton through the whole fight (more detail on the fight on our earlier news post). After the fight 'The Special One' called out Amir Khan who is likely to move up from light-welterweight after his May 19th clash with Lamont Peterson.

Kell Brook landing a body blow on
Matthew Hatton.
Khan responded to Brook on Twitter by saying: 'Why does kelly brook call me out, he needs to up his game if he wants a payday shot against me. At least fight someone in the top 50.'

This contradicted what Amir Khan said before the fight as he clearly stated that he thought that Matthew Hatton was a very good fighter and that he would beat Brook. Now he is saying he is not even the top 50. It just looks like 'King' Khan is just trying to find reasons to avoid the fight.

It's the fight every British fan wants to see including Brook's promoter Eddie Hearn who said in the post fight interview that he will try and get his fighter a very big fight for the summer. If the fight ever does happen it will definitely sell a lot of tickets with both boxers making an insane amount of money! 

I just hope that this doesn't turn into the British version of the Mayweather-Pacquiao saga (the fight that never happens).

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