Sunday, 18 March 2012

Kell Brook Proves He Is World Class!

Kell Brook Vs Matthew Hatton was one of the most highly anticipated fights so far this year and many people were expecting to be very close but it was far from it. 'The Special One' Kell Brook showed true strength and skill which dominated for Hatton throughout the fight.

Straight from the off you could see that Brook was on a different level to Hatton, in the first few rounds Hatton barely landed a punch whilst Brook landed plenty. When it got to Round 6 Brook was still in control but there were a few glimpses of hope for Hatton as he landed a few strong right crosses.
That was until he was dropped by Brook early in the ninth. Hatton rose to his feet and tried to fight back but once again Brook proved to be too classy for the Mancunian.

When it came to the announcement of the results there was no doubt in anybodies mind that Kell Brook had got the decision and retained his titles. Brook who was also certain that he had done enough strutted around confidently just waiting for the results. The MC done his bit and confirmed that Kell Brook had beaten Matthew Hatton by a unanimous decision.

In an interview straight after the fight Brook and his promoter Eddie Hearn stated that Brook will be fighting in bigger and better fights in the future with a chance of a world title fight in the summer.

Amir Khan will certainly be worried about fighting Brook after seeing this performance and it looks like Brook's next fight is likely to be against Khan.

If they were to fight, who would win? Amir Khan or Kell Brook?.. Let us know what you think on Twitter (@BoxingOpinions1).

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