Sunday 11 March 2012

Its what we've all been waiting for!

It may not be a World title fight but I think the fans are looking forward to this more than probably any fight this year! That's right... It's Kell Brook Vs Matthew Hatton! The young skillful prospect against the tough experienced warrior.

There has been no trash talk between the fighters but we all know they will both do their talking in the ring. Neither of them will be holding back!.. Brook is on his way to the top and he says will not let Matthew Hatton get in his way but Hatton knows that this one of his last chances to reach the top.

This will be Hattons 50th fight in his 12 year career and he is yet to reach his goal of a World title which will make him as big as older brother Ricky 'The Hitman' Hatton. So far he was won 42 of his 49 fights with only 16 by KO. 'Magic' is definitely the underdog in this fight but he is adamant that he is fine with this.

''I enjoy being the underdog'' said Hatton ''Im a stubborn character by nature and people are making me a massive underdog going into this fight, I certainly don't see it this way.''
He is confident that his experience will be the thing that gets him through this fight, and if we're judging experience by number of fights and quality of opponents then he definitely does have bags of it!

Brook in his first fight in America.
Whilst Hatton is fighting for his personal goals, 'The Special One' Kell Brook is fighting for completely different reasons. He is currently undefeated in 26 fights and he has barely lost a round. He's shown a lot of potential but is still yet to make it on to the big scene and he believes this will be the fight that will get him the recognition he deserves. Brook has only fought once in America, where he pulled off a professional performance against Luis Galarza and now Kell Brook believes that this will be the fight that shows the World how good he really is.

''I think he's gunna bring out the best in me... It's going to be a packed out crowd and i'm looking to dazzle. I'm looking forward to it now.'' said Brook earlier this month.

The 'Special One' has not said much else in the build up to this fight but i'm sure he will do his talking in the ring like he usually does, but Hatton will make it Brook's hardest fight which is why every true boxing fan needs to watch this on March 17th.

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