Sunday 11 March 2012

Glasgow delivers a great night of boxing!

It was set to be a good night of boxing but the fans were the people who made the show exciting and great! They showed so much support for the local fighters and it paid off as Stephen Simmons, Paul Appleby, Callum Johnson and Ricky Burns all won.

The main event staged a great performance by Burns who dominated Paulus Moses for most fight. Although Moses showed a few energized and exciting spurts it was nowhere near enough to trouble the flawless performance from the 'Rickster' Ricky Burns.

However it was the under-card fights that made the show in our opinion. Stephen Simmons became the first person to stop Hastings Rasani in 10 fights and Callun Johnson pulled off an amazing stoppage after just 96 seconds against journeyman Tommy Tolan, but it was Paul Appleby Vs Stephen Ormond that got the crowd off their feet and made it a night to remember! Ormond looked to be clearly ahead after the first few rounds but then the warrior Paul Appleby brought it back with true grit and determination. This wasn't the first time that Appleby has given us a fight to remember. You all must remember his fight last year against Liam Walsh that won fight of the year.

The show was great but really it is now the future for Ricky Burns that most people care about... It's been announced that there could be a summer showdown between Burns and Mitchell which has been talked about by the fans for a very long time. Kevin Mitchell isn't the only option that Burns has got that would produce a sell-out crowd, Gavin Rees and Anthony Crolla have also showed that are looking to fight Burns. Ricky hasn't really had much media exposure during his successful career but this fight will surely gain him a few more fans.

So for now we can all look back on a great night of boxing for Scotland and especially Ricky Burns!

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