Friday, 23 March 2012

Controversy in Wolverhampton!

Enzo Maccarinelli has won the British Cruiserweight title in one of the most controversial fights in recent years. 

Many people along with Shane McPhilbin himself will believe that he deserves to still be classed as the champion... And we do to! McPhilbin knocked Maccarinelli down just over halfway through the first round. Enzo managed to get back on his feet and then to everyone's surprise the bell to end the round sounded 47 seconds early! The referee, the two fighters and the cornerman were completely oblivious to this so the two men just went back to their corner as usual.

It wasn't till after the fight that McPhilbin and Enzo along with their cornerman found out that the round finished almost a minute early.

There will most likely be a rematch scheduled for a few months time and in most peoples opinion, the timekeeper should be sacked. After all, it cost McPhilbin the British title.

The fight itself was very entertaining and you could hardly take your eyes off the action as you could just feel that there could be a knockdown any second. Enzo went down in the first and the third and McPhilbin was controversially knocked down in ninth but he believes it was definitely a slip.

There was no doubt in anybodies mind that Enzo Maccarinelli had done enough to win once the final bell went. The MC done his part and announced that Enzo was the winner by unanimous decision but the main talking point was the 'lost 47 seconds'.

The BBBofC will almost definitely schedule a rematch but after his poor performance in a fight that should have been an easy win, we can't be sure if Enzo will want to risk losing to someone like McPhilbin.

Overall, the night was very entertaining with a cracking atmosphere for such a small crowd. But, unfortunately the show will most likely be forgotten as many people will be asking about the controversial 'lost 47 seconds'.

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