Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Can Cotto avoid a mental breakdown?

Floyd Mayweather's uncle and trainer Roger Mayweather has again 
bad-mouthed one of Floyd's opponents and this time it is Miguel Cotto. 

This is what he answered when asked how he thinks his nephew's fight 
with Cotto on May 5th will go:

"I already know what Floyd’s going to do. Cotto aint sh*t. Floyd’s 
going to stop his motherf**king ass. ... He ain't no different than 
Victor Ortiz. Floyd will stop him. I guarantee you he will stop him." 

We are not sure if Roger actually knows what he is saying when he talks 
about Cotto being no different from Ortiz but he could be surprisingly 
the slightest bit right. 

Many believe that Cotto is now past his prime and that he doesn't have 
the mental toughness to perform at the elite level anymore. Now, I am a 
big fan of Cotto but I can't disagree with this. 

He broke down against Antonio Margarito back in 2008 and again against 
Manny Pacquiao in 2009. He didn't actually quit in both of the fights 
but you could tell he wanted to. In his fight with Margarito he 
repeatedly took a knee until his trainer pulled him out and against 
Pacquiao he was only focused on not getting hurt, which led to the 
referee stopping the fight in the 12th round. 

Ortiz headbutt.
Although Ortiz and Cotto both do have some 'mental' problems whilst 
fighting, it is in very different ways. When Ortiz is under big 
pressure or is being beaten up, he seems to lose his head and do 
whatever it takes to slow his fighter down. For example, his headbutt 
against Mayweather which resulted him being knocked whilst apologising.
Whereas Cotto backs down quietly and slowly whilst under pressure which 
is why the referee finds it easy to find an opportunity to stop the 

All of this means that Miguel Cotto is going to have it very tough in 
his fight on May 5th as Mayweather tests anyone who steps in the ring 
with him... Physically and mentally! 

Most people are assuming that Cotto will just be another victim for 
Floyd Mayweather on May 5th... But, will we see him be broken down in 
what could be his last big fight of his career?

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