Thursday 24 October 2013

Kell Brook Vs Vyacheslav Senchenko - Fight Preview

By @richietoney1

Anyone who thinks Kell Brook is in for an easy night, when he meets Vyacheslav Senchenko at the Motorpoint arena on Saturday 26th October, I fear are in for a long night. 

This is by no means a gimme for the undefeated IBF mandatory challenger, who you have to admire for taking this fight as he could have marked time while awaiting his mandatory shot. Senchenko has only lost once in 35, has been WBA champion and has an upright orthodox style to cause problems for Brook in the early rounds. He has an advantage in height and reach over Brook but is nine years Brooks senior, this is where I feel the fight will be won as Brook turns up the heat as the fight progresses.

Brook has the classier skills and throws punches from different angles. It's one thing to beat an ageing Ricky Hatton, but Senchenko will struggle with a Brook who is moving along at the right pace and taking the right fights at the right time, Senchenko is the ideal fight for him to confirm his world class status while he awaits the winner of Devon Alexander and Shawn Porter. I'm taking Brook to win by a late stoppage after showcasing his slick boxing skills and move onto 31-0.


  1. Alright Pal, dont know what yow do for a day job but don't give it up! Let me just get a stamp to write down everything you know about boxing. I'm guessing you have a face for radio, else you'd be all over sky sports like a tramp on chips!

    On the other hand....this has to be literally, hands down the best fight preview anyone has ever strung together. You are to boxing reviews, what Shakespeare was to writing plays kids couldn't understand whilst trying to learn at school. I've been knocked out by your natural talent, either that or you spend a small fortune and a lifetime in the bookies, probably at the detriment of your worklife...colleagues been carrying you a while eh pal?

    Anyway we here at Box all look forward to your inciteful, but childlike review of this bout.

  2. Ha ha ha. Legend. Alright my mate!

  3. Good review. Short and to the point. Geezer knows what he's talking about innit.