Sunday 3 March 2013

Winning Ugly - Abril Tops Bogere

By Bobby Hunter @thefightscore.

Richard Abril vs Sharife Bogere - WBA Lightweight Title

Fighting for the first time in eleven months Richard Abril returned at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas to successfully defend his newly acquired WBA 135lb title toughing it out against Uganda's Sharife Bogere. Abril won an unanimous decision in what was an awkward fight not just for the fighters but the viewers at home watching on Showtime and Boxnation.

They say styles make fights?. Well this fight didn't mix well as Abril boxes with a stand up, lean back jabbing style that makes him so hard to fight against. Bogere is a walk forward type of guy that throws wild punches but also is dangerous with the head. In this fight Referee Russell Mora deducted a point of each fighter for continual fouling. Abril was the first to feel the Refs wrath for holding then in the last round Bogere lost a point for dangerous use of his head.

The first round started as expected. Abril boxing and Bogere rushing in trying to land his bombs, Early on it was getting ugly as Bogere threw Abril to the floor after an exchange. In the first Abril had landed the better punches by landing the odd jab and straight right hand. Bogere had a better second round as he was able to push the champion back landing crude hooks. There was not much quality in the round but Bogere certainly won on work rate as Abril did next to nothing. Timing became the key for Abril in the third as countered the challengers attack by landing his honey punch - the right hand which usually followed a jab.

Abril kept up his good work in the fourth as the jab, straight right began to land time after time. Bogere was still having his successes particularly with a counter right but it was not enough to win his the round. After four i had the fight 39-36 Abril. The Ugandan started the fifth better by winning the first minute of the round, The problem was he couldn't get out of the way of Abril's right hand. The one-two as its called in the trade was nailing the Challenger continuously thus widening the scorecards for the champion. The most dominant round in the fight was the sixth as Abril started to land the Left hook when finishingh is one-two's. Bogere response was to attack faster pushing the champion to the ropes. Midway through the round both clashed heads with the champion coming away with the worst of it. He was cut over the right eye prompting the Referee to seek medical advice from the doctor.

Bogere might have wished the fight was stopped there as he might have had a chance on the scorecard. In the last six rounds  couldi only gave Bogere one of them, it was the Seventh based on Bogere being too aggressive again for the champion who more interested in protecting his eye.

Referee Russell Mora then took a point from Abril in the eighth. Excessive holding was the charge. From then on Abril stood more actually fighting his tough challenger head on. The Cuban was now landing his straight right even more now. Bogere was slowing down. He just couldnt slip that straight right hand.

To everyone surprise Bogere came out circulating Abril landing his jab for the first minute of the round. The Ugandan looked quite good as he matched jabs with the champion. That plan ended when a beautiful four punch combination jarred the challengers head back. Bogere then went back on the attack but he was being totally out boxed by this point. Round ten and eleven followed suit, Bogere chasing but shipping that right hand. Bogere needed a KO in the twelfth and he came out looking for it maybe a little too much as finally Mora took a point away for foul play. This time the charge was excessive use of the head. Abril then took no chances as he easily saw out the rest of the fight. It had looked a close one after six rounds but from then on the champions showed his class by figuring out his opponent and actually being a bit more aggressive himself.

Abril now wants Adrien Broner who was an animated spectator at ringside. Bogere though he should have won and will no doubt chase a rematch.

Below is my scorecard along with all the press and fans scores i was able to collect for this world title fight.

Round 1.... 10-9 Abril
Round 2.... 9-10 Bogere
Round 3.... 10-9 Abril
Round 4.... 10-9 Abril
Round 5.... 10-9 Abril
Round 6.... 10-9 Abril
Round 7.... 9-10 Bogere
Round 8.... 9-9 Draw.........point deduction for Abril for excessive Holding
Round 9.... 10-9 Abril
Round 10.. 10-9 Abril
Round 11.. 10-9 Abril
Round 12.. 10-8 Abril.......point deduction for Bogere foe excessive use of his head

TOTAL: 117-109 Ricard Abril

Judges Scores : Robert Hoyle (USA) 115-111 Abril
                        Chris Wilson   (USA) 116-110 Abril
                        Patrica Jarman (USA) 116-110 Abril


Boxing Press and Fan Scores

Lyle Fitzsimmons (Boxingscene) 116-110 Abril

Phil D Jay (WorldBoxingNews) 116-112 Abril

Matthew Mojica (Fightsource) 116-111 Abril

Boxing Opinions : 115-113 Abril

Scott Christ (BadleftHook) 114-112 Abril

Ryan Bivins (SweetBoxing) 116-112 Abril

FightersRated : 117-112 Abril

Brian Campbell (ESPN) 115-111 Abril

Cliff Roid (Boxingscene) 115-112 Abril

Al Bernstein (Showtime TV) 116-111 Abril

Steve Farhood (Showtime TV) 116-110 Abril

Joe Cortez (Showtime TV) 116-110 Abril

Dan Rafael (ESPN) 116-110 Abril

Ryan Burton (The Boxing Lab) 117-110 Abril

Jake Donovan (Boxingscene) 116-110 Abril

No Holds Barred : 114-112 Abril

George Jimminez (Boxeo Estelar Radio) 115-111 Abril

The Title Fight : 115-111 Abril : 115-111 Abril

Ernest Gabion (The Boxing Lab) 115-111 Abril

Steve Lillis (Boxnation TV) 116-111 Abril

Mark Ortega (Ring Magazine) 115-111 Abril

ESPN.COM : 115-111 Abril

Corey Quincy (Saddoboxing) 116-109 Abril

Tim Starks (QueensBury Rules) 116-111 Abril

Shaun Brown (Livefight) 117-111 Abril

Jenna Jay (Ontheropes Radio) 115-111 Abril

Nigel Collins (ESPN) 116-112 Abril

Kelsey McCarson (The Sweet Science) 115-111 Abril

Pro-Boxing Fans Jake : 115-111 Abril

Jasper (Twitter Fan) 115-111 Abril

Jack Summer (Twitter Fan) 115-113 Abril

Fake Jim Lampley (Twitter Fan) 115-111 Abril

Sam Gozan (Twitter Fan) 117-109 Abril

Joseph (Twitter Fan) 115-111 Abril

BoxingAsylum Fans Forum : (All For Abril) 114-112 x2, 116-111, 115-111

RingNews24 Fans Forum : 116-111 Abril

DogHouseBoxing Fans Forum : 116-112 Abril

Boxrec Fans Forum : (All for Abril) 115-111 x2, 116-112, 114-112 ***114-114 DRAW***

Eastsideboxing Fans Forum : (All For Abril) : 115-111 x4, 116-110 x3, 117-109, 117-110, 117-111
                                                                     ** 115-112 Bogere** , ***113-113 DRAW***

Boxingscene Fans Forum : (All For Abril) : 116-111 x2, 115-111 x2, 116-110 x2, 118-109, 114-112,

CheckHook Boxing Fans Forum : (All For Abril) : 115-111 x3

The Boxing Palace Fans Forum : 115-111 Abril , ***113-113 Draw***

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