Saturday 24 November 2012

Warren Vs Hearn - Sort it out guys!

That's the only appropriate title I could give this article, because it's true... Frank Warren and Eddie Hearn just need to settle their differences and sort themselves out, for the good of the sport, the fighters, the fans and even themselves.

In case you haven't heard about the ongoing dispute between these two, Warren and Hearn are the two biggest promoters in the UK. Unfortunately, for unspecified reasons, they have taken a major dislike to each other and neither of them have shown any interest of working with the other. I suppose you could call them the 'Top Rank and Golden Boy of the UK.'

Yes, as with many sports, disputes like this add excitement, they add interest and also give the fans another thing to debate about, and trust me, boxing fans love debates! However in this case, I, along with many other people, would just prefer it if they solved the problems between them and got over it like grown men. The main reason being that fights that should be made aren't happening. At the moment, this is still on a small scale. But trust me there will come a time when the up and coming prospects that each man currently promotes are world class fighters and fights between them need to be made. 

Not only does it affect the fans, it also affects the boxers. They're accused of ducking certain opponents or taking easy fights when in reality there is just no chance of them even being able to fight the guy the want or the guy the fans want because of the promoters. 

You also have to remember that the promoters, only sometimes, can be some sort of a role model for their fighters. If a young boxer sees his promoter having silly little arguments with people he's could end up thinking that's the way to go or the way to make an impact in this sport.

I can babble on about it, moan about, and tell you about it about as much as I like, its probably never gonna change anything. We just need to hope that something sparks in either of their minds and they either start getting along or just learn to get over themselves and start making good fights that the fans want to see.

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97.

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