Saturday 15 September 2012

Saunders continues to improve!

Billy Joe Saunders celebrates his victory over Jarrod Fletcher during the Commonwealth Middleweight Championship bout between Billy Joe Saunders of England and Jarrod Fletcher of Australia at York Hall on September 14, 2012 in London, England.

Yesterday night (September 14th), Billy Joe Saunders proved once again why he is the man to watch in the British middleweight division right now. The 23-year old traveller disposed of highly rated Aussie Jarrod Fletcher in just two rounds in just his second defence of the Commonwealth title.

This fight was a big step up for Saunders and he rose to the task very well. Right from the off Saunders got to work and finished off a relatively slow first round very strongly. At the start of the second, the pace was stepped up a gear and you could just tell that Fletcher was not comfortable fighting at that speed. He tried to slow the fight down but it didn't work and Saunders landed a flash right hand that sent a jolt through the whole of Fletcher's body. After a fast and hard flurry of punches from Saunders, Fletcher took a knee and just beat the count. From this point on, Fletcher just couldn't recover and it was only a matter of time before the fight was getting stopped. Saunders continued with the pressure and Fletcher just couldn't handle it. The referee was forced to stop the fight and he did it at exactly the right time.

Now I'm gonna be honest with you, I am a massive fan of Billy Joe Saunders, and I've thought and known it for a very long time... He is going straight to the top. If anyone disagreed with me before, I'm sure they don't now. Fletcher was an undefeated decent fighter and Saunders disposed of him with ease.
In my opinion, its only a matter of time before Saunders steps up and faces the likes of Darren Barker, Kerry Hope and Martin Murray and I think if he keeps going the way he has been, he will beat these guys pretty convincingly.

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