Thursday 30 August 2012

Pension Fund Launched For Former Boxers...

The World Boxing Council (WBC) has decided to launch a pension fund for former boxers who are not as well-off as they used to be. The Swiss watch company Hublot will play a key factor in raising the money.

Twelve ring legends (Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearns, Mike Tyson, Julio Cesar Chavez, Ken Norton, George Foreman, Larry Holmes, Lennox Lewis, Roberto Duran, Oscar De La Hoya, Jeff Fenech and Azumah Nelson) have also been selected to help with the fund. Hublot have created twelve watches for the WBC legends, with each one being engraved with the boxer's signature.

Hublot and the WBC will then hold an auction on September 29th at the Bellagio Resort Hotel in Las Vegas where twelve exact copies of the watch will be on sale. Tickets to the event will be priced at one thousand dollars and all proceeds from the event will go straight into the WBC Boxers Pension Fund.

"Having thrilled us with knockouts and lion hearted bravery in the ring, many of our favourite fighters have fallen on hard times, having suffered injuries and they're living in reduced circumstances. For years this has been a great concern for those of us who love the sport and care deeply about it's participants, who form a precious constellation. Now we can begin to help those boxers in need. We do not forget."

Personally I think this is a great idea that will really benefit the sport as long as the WBC have no tricks up their sleeve. If all of the money raised goes directly to the pension fund then it is a brilliant idea. We just need to hope that the WBC are not to doing this to benefit themselves. I know its very unlikely but you always have to be skeptical with this governing body.

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