Wednesday 1 August 2012

NBC mistake Evander Holyfield for casual American tourist...

American boxing legend Evander Holyfield was left stunned on Monday when NBC, who have exclusive rights to the Olympic Games coverage in the U.S, mistook him for a casual American tourist.

A reporter for the Today Show stood outside Buckingham Palace and questioned passers by on their opinions of Queen Elizabeth's opening ceremony stint with Daniel Craig as James Bond. Holyfield only appeared on the screen for a few seconds and said that he thought that the Queen's role in the video was "wonderful." Nobody from NBC or the Today Show realised that it was actually one of the greatest boxers that ever lived. 

The 49-year old tweeted a day later about the incident: 'The @todayshow did interview me yesterday and ur right they didn't mention who I was.' 

He later added: 'Look, the @todayshow did a good job. It was to recognize with the baseball cap. This could happen to any reporter. LOL!!" 

Holyfield is a former Olympic bronze medallist and cruiserweight and heavyweight world champion as a pro, so its very surprising that he wasn't recognised. Especially as he is American! I could understand if the American reporter didn't recognise somebody like Frank Bruno or Herbie Hide, but this is Holyfield. One of the greatest boxers that ever lived, and probably the greatest heavyweight of recent times. 

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