Friday 10 August 2012

Lamont Peterson remains IBF champ!

The International Boxing Federation (IBF) have announced that Lamont Peterson will remain as their light-welterweight champion. 

Peterson failed a drug test during the build-up to his highly anticipated rematch with Amir Khan on May 19th of this year. He was also believed to have had an unusually high level of testosterone in his body when he won the IBF world title in his first fight with Khan. Usually if a boxer fails a drug test he is stripped of his title almost straight away but in this case it was different. Peterson and his team claimed that the hormone was used for medical reasons, but nobody really believed him. However, it has recently been confirmed by a independent physician that Peterson was using the drug for medical reasons and not to enhance his performance. 

There will still be a lot of people who brand Peterson as a drug cheat but it does help his reputation a little now that it has been revealed that he was not attempting to cheat in any way at all. 

Now that the American is the definite champ and ready to compete in the sport again, he has been told by the IBF that he must make a mandatory defence of his title against Zab Judah. Negotiations for the fight have already started and a date will be agreed soon.

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