Friday 20 July 2012

Warren hoping for third time lucky...

American amateur boxer Rau'shee Warren is praying that it will be third time lucky for him at the London 2012 Olympics that start next week. The 25-year old flyweight will make history by becoming the first American boxer to compete in three Olympic games. However, he believes that this is not enough. So far he has not won a medal at the tournament and he wants one before he starts punching for pay and moves into the pro ranks.

He has considered turning pro in the past, especially after his early exit from the Beijing tournament in 2008, but he believes that this time nothing will go wrong. With the tournament just a week away, the American certainly doesn't lack confidence.

"I'm happy that I have achieved this, being the first American boxer to go to a third Olympics," said Warren. "That is making history, but now I have to put a medal on top of it."

"After London, I'm looking forward to going professional... I feel I have made my mark by being the first American to go to the Olympics three times, but I am giving up the amateurs. After the 2008 Olympics I wanted to go professional, but I decided to stick around and go back for the third."

"I had lost and I didn't want to go professional having lost out twice at an Olympics - I want to do it as a medallist."

Warren believes that the experience he has picked up over the last eight years could be his key to victory at this tournament.

"I'm taking advantage of the first two times for this third time. I will take my experience and the mental side and put everything into one,and when it is time for competition, that has got to show."

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