Friday 27 July 2012

Boxing referee found dead in London hotel room!

I don't have much information on this story but I feel it's an incident that should be heard so I'm going to write a bit about it anyway. Apologies if the article is a bit short...

A boxing official has revealed that Turkish referee Garip Erkuyumcu was found dead by a colleague in his London hotel room on Thursday. A heart attack is the expected cause of the death and the autopsy results are expected some time today (July 27th). The news was revealed by Turkish Boxing Federation chief Bayram Altug.

Erkuyumcu, 73, was a member of the International Boxing Federation's refereeing and judging commission and was expected to be assisting referee's at the London 2012 Olympics that officially start today. The 73-year-old's body will be flown to Turkey at some stage next week.

Our best wishes and condolences go out to Garip Erkuyumcu's family and friends at this tough time.

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