Saturday 16 June 2012

Chavez Jr Vs Lee: Controversy at weigh-in

Chavez and Lee face-to-face at the weigh-in.
Yesterday (June 15th), the weigh-in was held for the WBC middleweight title fight between Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Andy Lee. Both fighters made the weight (Chavez 159lb, Lee 159.25lb) and everything seemed to be going smoothly. But then a problem occurred.

Lee's handlers weighed their fighters gloves to ensure to everybody that they were 10oz gloves to make sure that everything was fair and there were no silly advantages. However, Chavez and his team refused to weigh theirs. According to Lee's team, they made an official request to Texas Commission inspector Robert Tapia but he refused and said: "I'm the boss here. I say whether or not we are going to inspect the gloves and we're not going to."

Perry Mandera (Lee's manager) claimed that he then went over to Chavez's trainer Freddie Roach to reason with him and ask him to weigh his fighters gloves but once again they refused.

"He pushed past me and said 'we don't have to, so we're not going to," explained Mandera. "They brought their own gloves and we brought ours," said Mandera, "so we thought in the interest of full disclosure and a level playing field, we would weigh both pairs. We weighed ours out in the open in front of everyone. They would not put theirs on the scale."

Team Lee claimed that the only reason that they mad the request was to ensure that everything was fair so that there would be no excuses.

"We just want everything fair. I don't know why they wouldn't drop the gloves on a scale to remove any doubt about a pair of gloves they brought themselves," said Mandera. "Yes, it's a new pair, but you ever buy a pair of shoes that say size 10 and they're not? That's all we were trying to resolve. So why won't they weigh the gloves?"

This is certainly a strange decision from Chavez's team and the commission but I don't believe that there is any foul play involved. I think that Team Chavez may just be a little worried about the fight so they are playing mind games and trying to gain as many little advantages as they can.

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