Wednesday 25 April 2012

McIntosh no-shows at press conference!

Tony Bellew (Left), David Coldwell (Centre), Danny McIntosh (Right).
British light-heavyweight Danny McIntosh failed to turn up at Wednesday's press conference for his upcoming fight with Tony Bellew. McIntosh claimed that travel problems were the reason that he could not make it to Liverpool in time.

The British light-heavyweight champion Tony Bellew lashed out at McIntosh claiming that he was a disgrace to everyone. He also went on to take the mickey out of McIntosh's nickname ('Big Mac') saying that he was going to eat a 'Big Mac' on Friday night when the fight takes place.

“It is total disrespect from Danny to the press, Sky Sports and to me – it’s pathetic really,” said Bellew. “I know what he’s trying to do and there’s no point trying to play mind games with me... “I don’t eat Big Macs but I’ll make an exception on Friday night – he’s getting chewed up and spat out. The problem is that he’s only coming for the cheque, he might walk off with a good payday but he’ll have a big defeat and a bust up face to show for his night."

Fight with Cleverly could have gone either way.
Bellew returns to the ring for the first time since his his closely contested fight with world champion Nathan Cleverly. This fight gained him a lot of respect and recognition amongst British fans but Bellew is disappointed that it is only now that he will get back into the squared-circle. 

“I’m coming off the back of my best performance and I feel that I have been punished for fighting so well,” said Bellew. “I’ve been left of the shelf for way too long and I’ll take it out on Danny on Friday... Cleverly is the weakest World champion, there’s no doubt in my mind about that. But he doesn’t want it, so let’s move on and look at better fighters. The fact is that he is not fighting the right fighters – if I was fighting carpet fitters and plumbers I wouldn’t be happy and there’s something wrong there. Danny is a bigger threat than Tommy Karpency, a guy who went back to his corner and wanted out after the third round – that’s not right. But there’s more out there than Nathan for me, I will fight anyone and I guarantee excitement, bums on seats and TV viewers.”

Bellew has stated that after he beats McIntosh he would like to get another shot at a world title. But, this is easier said than done. McIntosh will be a very tough challenge for the 'Bomber' but if Bellew wins and looks classy whilst doing it he will prove to all of his doubters that he is ready for another world title fight. Although I'm not sure that Nathan Cleverly would accept the challenge.

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