Wednesday 25 April 2012

Martin Murray wants Matthew Macklin!

Murray gave Sturm all he could handle.
British middleweight Martin Murray has instructed his team to organise a match-up with fellow Brit Matthew Macklin as soon as possible. 

The former-middleweight world title challenger is looking to prove that he still has what it takes and he has also said that he wants to shut Macklin up for some recent comments made on Twitter.

Matthew Macklin.
"Martin does not like Macklin whatsoever," said a member of Murray's team. "He has instructed us to make the fight at whatever cost. Martin wants to prove he is the best middleweight in the UK. Martin doesn't think Macklin has the stomach to get in the ring with him... This is no disrespect to Darren Barker who is also a great fighter like Macklin. Darren is recovering from an operation and won't be ready for almost six months, but good luck to Darren on his recovery."

Murray still believes he deserves another shot at the world title after he pushed current world champion Felix Sturm to a draw last December in a fight where a win could have easily been given to Murray. 

The St. Helens fighter (24-0-1) is apparently going all out to try and annoy Macklin, 29, and draw him into a domestic grudge match later this year. The winner of the fight would be likely to get a world title shot.

"I'm going to finish Macklin and give the British fans the fight to see to prove I'm the best middleweight in the UK," explained Murray.

"Matthew has lots to say on Twitter and so on, so he should sign on to meet me in the ring or keep quiet."

Macklin recently lost to P4P No.3 Sergio Martinez in what was a close fight until Macklin was pulled out by his corner in the 11th round.

Both of these superb fighters deserve another world title shot. But, who deserves it more?.. Only one wy to find out... FIGHT!!!

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