Thursday 26 April 2012

Macklin bites back!

Matthew Macklin
Former European middleweight challenger Matthew Macklin has reacted angrily to the comments about him that were made by fellow British middleweight Martin Murray.

Murray called Macklin out yesterday and also insulted the former world title challenger and claimed that Macklin did not have the stomach to get in the ring with him. This is what Macklin had to say in return: "Firstly, I've always had the stomach to get in the ring with anyone as my record shows... I mean, taking a fight with Martin 'Non-punching Murray is hardly a scary proposition for me."

"If he wants to tell his management to contact mine with an offer in writing then let's do it. I am more than willing to get the fight on!"

Macklin is just coming off a fantastic performance against pound-for-pound contender Sergio Martinez. 'Mack the knife' fought well throughout the whole fight but was then knocked down by Martinez in the 11th round which resulted in his corner pulling him out.

Murray is also coming off a very creditable performance. He held world middleweight champion Felix Sturm to a draw last December in a very close fight.

A fight between these two is looking very likely to happen as fans all around the world have started talking about it already. Seeing that Murray has been denied a Visa for the United States, the fight would most likely  have to take place in the UK.

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