Friday, 4 October 2013

Scott Quigg Vs Yoandris Salinas - Fight Preview

By Adam Canavan @adam_canavan

This Saturday night, on Matchroom's 'Carpe Diem' bill, we have an excellent Co-Main Event for the WBA 'Regular' title between Bury's Scott Quigg and Cuban Yoandris Salinas.

Quigg (24) has a record of 26(19)-0-1 and is considered one of Britain's best world level hopes. The best win on his record is Rendall Munroe in their 2nd fight, stopping him in the 6th round, after their first fight ended in a Technical Draw after Munroe suffered a bad cut. Quigg also has other good domestic wins against people like Jamie Arthur and Jason Booth. Quigg is an excellent body puncher with very good power for a Super Bantamweight and also has an excellent workrate and engine.
Salinas (28) has an undefeated record of 20(13)-0-1 but doesnt really have a good depth of opposition or a standout name on that résumé like Quigg has, however he does have an extensive Amateur career on Cuba which speaks for itself. He won silver in the Central American and Carribean Games in 2006 and bronze in the Pan American games of 2007. He also won the 2006 "Cuban Olympics" beating Zou shiming in the final. Although he doesn't have the résumé to back it up, Salinas is clearly an extremely talented fighter. He has very fast hands with decent power, he uses a shoulder roll style defence very effectively and seems to see every punch coming and his footwork makes sure he is always out of range of his opponent but at a good range for him.
Both Salinas and Quigg have somewhat questionable chins as the cuban hasnt really been hit flush on the chin since turning pro, nor has he faced a massive puncher, and Quigg was knocked down fairly hard against Jamie Arthur. I feel in this fight Quigg has to really focus on the body attack throughout the fight as Salinas is just so hard to catch on the head because he see's almost every shot thrown at him, however with Salinas' long arms it is also hard to land good bodyshots without leaving yourself open. If quigg focuses on attacking the head I think he will be made to miss and countered all day. Salinas, to me, has seemed like he doesn't have much physical strength (especially in the clinch) so this is a chance for Quigg to get inside and rough Salinas up a bit. Yoandris Salinas has a considerable speed advantage and overall the better technique and I think he will win several of the early and middle rounds because of that. It's late on, where Salinas has tired before, that Quigg will really have to use his terrific engine and workrate to turn the heat up and these rounds will be the chance for Quigg to prove too much for Salinas and try and stop him. Having said that though, I can't see that happening and my (probably unpopular) prediction is actually Salinas to win on points: I just think that he's too quick, too sharp and, in the end, too clever.
My Prediction: Salinas UD

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