Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Miguel Cotto Vs Delvin Rodriguez - Fight Preview

By James McKnight @JamesMcKnight83


MIGUEL COTTO, returns to the ring on October 5, which will see the Puerto Rican star take on Delvin Rodriguez of the Dominican Republic in a 12 round, non-title fight at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.

Cotto 37(30)-4-0, has been out of action for 10 months and is back with Top Rank Boxing (who initially managed his career). Cotto is also now under the tutelage of Freddie Roach and together they plan to rejuvenate the Puerto Rican’s career; starting with victory over a fighter who aims to wreck their plans.

Outside of the ring, Cotto, 32, is a humble, family man and inside of it he wears his heart on sleeve; a true warrior who we have watched give his all in many memorable fights over the years. He is a legend in many people’s eyes and he has an allegiance of fans all over the World.

This fight against Rodriguez is viewed as a big event, because of who Cotto is and because people are interested in seeing how the Puerto Rican performs. Many feel that Cotto is on the slide, but many feel that he has got something left in the tank.

Cotto has fought for major honours at light-welterweight, welterweight and light middleweight in every fight he has fought in since May 2004. He has had a stellar career and is a former three-weight World champion. He has beaten some big-name fighters in Paulie Malignaggi (UD 12), in ’06, Zab Judah (TKO 11), in ’07, Shane Mosley (UD 12), in ’07 and Antonio Margarito (RTD 9), in a rematch in 2011.

The Puerto Rican has four losses on his résumé too, which came against Antonio Margarito (TKO 11), in ’08, Manny Pacquiao (TKO 12), in ’09, Floyd Mayweather Jr (UD 12), in 2012 and in his last fight to Austin Trout (UD 12), also in 2012. As you can see, Cotto has only lost to fighters at the very top of the spectrum.

Rodriguez 28(16)-6-3, is aiming to spoil Cotto’s return and in the process make a name for himself. A win could ignite his own career. Timing is a word that pops up every so often in boxing; for Rodriguez, the timing of this fight could be perfect for him.

Unfortunately for Rodriguez, 33, he will never become a serious threat at the very top, but he is an honest, hardy competitor. He has lost to the likes of Jesse Feliciano (TKO 8), in ’07, Isaac Hlatshwayo (SD 12), in ’09, Rafal Jackiewicz (UD 12), in ’09, Ashley Theophane (MD 10), in 2010 and Austin Trout (UD 12) in 2012. Whenever Rodriguez has stepped up in class, he has come up short.


Now, this is not a prime Cotto coming into this fight, but on paper, he beats Rodriguez all day long. However, we know that fights are not won on paper.
Cotto is not a natural light middleweight (which I believe is the weight that this fight is being fought at), whilst Rodriguez is a natural 154lber.
In the past, Cotto has done very well against taller opponents (Rodriguez stands at 5'10.5"), and against opponents of Rodriguez’s calibre, so I expect Cotto to come straight at him.

Rodriguez will need space to work, because if the fight is fought at close quarters that is Cotto’s territory.
I do not think Rodriguez has the power or skillset to really trouble Cotto, but again, this is not a prime Cotto we are talking about here.
I do think though that Cotto’s left hook will be a key weapon in this fight, so look for him to slip Rodriguez’s right hand when he throws it; landing left hooks to the body. If Cotto lands it at will, I can see him beating Rodriguez inside the distance.

The safe bet here is for Cotto to win via unanimous decision and that’s what I’m going for.

Cotto UD

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