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BoxingOpinions Interview Anthony Ogogo!

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97 - @BoxingOpinions1

Jack Price of BoxingOpinions interviews British Olympian and professional middleweight prospect Anthony Ogogo.

You’re 3 fights into your professional career.. How have you found the transition from the amateurs to the pro game so far?

Its been great. I'm loving it. I feel in my last fight I'm now finally starting to adjust and can't wait to progress. 

How do you feel your experience and success as an amateur, primarily London 2012, has helped you as a professional so far?

I think my experience has helped me deal with the added pressure that comes with being a pro. As an amateur you lose but you have another tournament the following month. As a pro you lose and it could be game over. 

Was it a hard choice to make leaving such a good set-up that Team GB currently have in Sheffield?

It was tough leaving that behind but I'm enjoying being in control of my own career now. I'm enjoying how new everything is more than the things I miss. 

You were initially scheduled to fight on the Mayweather-Canelo undercard on Sept 14th but chose to withdraw due to injury.. Was this a tough choice to make?

A very tough one. I could have persevered and boxed on but I could have risked further injury and chances are I wouldn't have boxed as good as I can. Each time I fight I want to look special and the world to take notice. That won't happen if I box rubbish. Plus if I did put a poor performance in I may not get the opportunity again. 

Do you feel having a big American promoter (Golden Boy) backing you will help you to reach more success in your long-term career than if you was to stay based in the UK?

Ogogo with Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer.
I think so yes. In the last question you said that I had the chance to fight on a MASSIVE Mayweather card. I wouldn't have those opportunities if I was with a British fighter. I'd just be one of many. Plus I get on so well with the entire Golden Boy team. 

Despite having an American-based promoter, will you still aim to belts such as the British and Commonwealth titles in the early stages of your career?

Of course, I'm very patriotic. That was evident in my performances at the Olympics. I want to be Commonwealth & British Champ badly. Golden respect that and have assured me that. 

When are you planning to return to the ring, and will it be in the UK or the US?

Hopefully soon, I cannot give a date as I don't know yet but sooner the better. It'll hopefully be on a big show, so whenever. But UK preferably. Unless a big US bill is too hard to turn down. 

Are the anymore big shows in the coming months that you would look to get a slot on?

Whenever I'm fit I want to fight on them all. I love the razzmatazz of big shows and like being included on them. 

How have you seen your fan base grow from not only the Olympic games but also in your first 3 fights as a pro?

Greatly, its so nice having people follow you and want you to do well. I appreciate that enormously. Hopefully the O-Army will continue to grow and we will be fighting for titles soon. 

Have you got a message that you would like to give to your loyal fans?

Just would love to take this opportunity to thank each and every one that has supported me. There's no better feeling than hearing your name shouted or the roar of the crowd when you land a great blow. Thank you, I will continue to give my all. 

What are your thoughts on the current middleweight division right now in Britain and worldwide?

Its the best division in the world. I'm proud to be a part of it. I'm very proud of Darren Barker recently winning a works title. 

What are your aims and targets for the next year or so in your career?

I want to continue to learn first and foremost. Continue to fight credible opponents and learn. In the next year I'd like to be knocking on the door to a title of some sort. 

What are your long-term and aims and ambitions in the sport?

I want to be the best..... Simple!

FAN ZONE (Questions from the fans)
What’s it like training with a ring legend as successful and as smart as Bernard Hopkins?
He's such an intelligent man. It was amazing. 
We know you want to stay busy. How many more times do you plan on fighting this year?
Hopefully another couple more times then a really busy year next year. 
Who else from the London 2012 games from Team GB do you think will make it big as a pro?
All the guys will do well I think. We have some real talent in Britain right now. 
Who do you rate more? Gennady Golovkin or Sergio Martinez?
Sergio has been at the top for 4/5 years but GGG is the next superstar of boxing. 
Who were your idols when you were a young kid starting out in boxing?
Muhammad Ali the top. Sugar Ray Leonard and the crop of middleweights Britain had. 

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