Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Is Tomasz Adamek elite, decent or overrated?

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97 - @BoxingOpinions1

A heavyweight that has split a lot of opinion lately is New Jersey-based Pol Tomasz Adamek (49-2, 29 KO's). The 36-year old has achieved a lot on his career, winning world titles at light-heavyweight and cruiserweight, but since stepping up to heavyweight he has struggled to impress, especially in recent fights. He's beaten some decent fighters at heavyweight but has also been on the lucky end of some very controversial decisions and hasn't been all that impressive even in the fights he does win.

With the heavyweight scene starting to come alive once again, the fans are becoming more and more interested in the division day after day and Adamek finds himself right in the middle of it. So after his unanimous decision win over Dominick Guinn last weekend, we asked this question to our fans: Is Tomasz Adamek a Top 5, Top 10 or Top 15 heavyweight?

Here is the response we got:

@BoxBallGolf247 - Maybe just sneaks into the top 10 at a push! Last night (Vs Guinn) did nothing to change my opinion of him. 

@firstclassbox - Maybe top 10 but needs to stay active...

@tommyhyde - Number 5 after both Klitschko's, Povetkin and Pulev.

@Makaveliam82 - I'd say maybe top 10. Would have the Klitschko's, Povetkin, Haye and possibly Pulev in the top 5.

@DBO187 - People saying top 15? Baffling me, I can't even think of 15 decent heavyweights. Adamek is at least decent. Gotta be top 10.


Top 5: 9%

Top 10: 72%

Top 15: 19%

So as you can see from the results, most fight fans believe Adamek belongs just inside the top 10. Very few believe he is currently in, or even capable of getting into the top 5 purely because the heavyweight division is on the up and there's a lot of talent coming through. And then there's a few that may be underrating him just slightly in my opinion by only just putting him in the top 15. But like I said, he splits opinion and you really could make an argument for ranking him anywhere from top 5 to top 15. 

On the site I currently have him ranked at No.7 but I do think he's only just clinging onto that position and if he does face a top-level fighter soon he may get found out. However, we cannot take anything away from Adamek. He has achieved a lot in his career and has mixed with the best in 3 weight divisions and he's clearly still relevant because people are still talking about him. We'll have to see what the future holds for the 36-year old. 

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