Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Expert From The Armchair... 'TV Mix Up'

By David Johnson @mrdaj

The fans still want to see Rigo!
Let’s make no mistake, we all love seeing knockouts! It’s the quickest route to keeping a boxing fan happy and enthralled...

But is it?

When Sergio Martinez sets the trap for Paul Williams and unleashes one of the greatest knockouts of all time or Diego Corrales shows heart, determination and ring savvy (spitting out the gumshield to gain a little break) in Round 10 against Castillo, then the answer is unequivocally YES!!

But what if every single fight, on every single card (especially Pay Per View) was a knockout between Round 1 to Round 3? To me that would mean there are some seriously flawed skills and we would only ever be exposed to a lower level of quality.

They say variety is the spice of life and it is so very true with Boxing.

We NEED boxers like Floyd Mayweather and we also need Guillermo Rigondeaux. We need to appreciate the finer skills and the craft of these guys.

Don’t be frustrated that they continuously win and outclass people, enjoy it.

For example, Wladimir Klitschko (I think he comes across excellently by the way) bores me to tears and I’d much rather see a David Haye or Mike Tyson as Champion, but his style is effective and at present unbeatable (if you know what I mean).

I long for the day that the robot is beaten and someone can lay claim to that... But that’s his style, he’s the Champion and if you don’t like it, find someone who can beat him! We should still want to watch the fights... and be able to!

My real rant is at the fact that HBO seem to have canned Guillermo Rigondeaux.... This is a guy who schooled Nonito Donaire (a P4P Top 5 Fighter in many people’s opinions). His reward....

“You’re not exciting the fans and you’re not good enough for our station”

If I walk into a pub and there is a guy who plays the most boring Pool you’ve ever seen and is unbeaten in 12 games, I want to be the one who beats him with outrageous shots, a fast and aggressive style and rips my shirt off and celebrates with the adoring crowd.... (I’d actually rather be a World Champion boxer, but I’m being realistic).

Message to the TV Networks.... Calm down on the need to “Find the wider audience” (we know you need to make money, but still) and let fighters grow... Because maybe one day Guillermo Rigondeaux will get overly confident and cocky and get knocked spark out in 2 rounds...

At least we’d all be happy then!


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