Thursday 27 June 2013

The Fans Have Voted: Rees Vs Crolla

Crolla starting to gain support in final few days!

Like most Rees opponents, Crolla has a clear size advantage. 
When this fight was announced people were excited, but it was still seen as a one-sided fight in most people's eyes, with former world champion Rees being levels above domestic contender Anthony Crolla. However, over the past few days Crolla has started to emerge as the favorite with some fans and experts, with a lot of people thinking that Rees may underestimate him.

Whether this is a one-sided fight or 50/50 fight it is definitely one to look forward to as it is one of the best British lightweight fights that can be made right now. British boxing fans are definitely buzzing for this one and we have received loads of predictions on Twitter (@boxingOpinions1) over the past few days. Here are the results:

Gavin Rees to win - 62%

Points: 13%     KO: 87%

Anthony Crolla to win - 38%

Points: 100%     KO: 0%

So, whilst Rees is still the clear favorite with the fans a lot more people are starting to believe in 'Million Dollar' Crolla, with the youngster receiving 32% of the vote - around 10% more than I think it would have been if we had done this vote when the fight was announced. 

An interesting thing to look at is that every one who has picked Crolla to win thinks it will be on points and only 13% of the Welshman's supporters think he will get a decision. So if this fight does go the full 12 then Crolla looks the more likely to take a decision. My prediction for this fight is Rees by late stoppage and that's what the majority of people seem to have gone for too. Whilst Crolla has some big physical advantages and will no doubt put up a game effort, I just think Rees is still a few levels above him judging by recent performances from both men. It's definitely a fight to look forward to though!

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