Monday, 10 June 2013

The Fans Have Voted: Can Hughie do it?

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97 - @BoxingOpinions1

18-year old Hughie Fury is currently only serving his apprenticeship in the sport, fighting regularly against "journeyman", but already he has caught the attention of the British public with his size and ability. After a successful amateur career, he turned pro with his uncle Peter and currently trains alongside his big cousin Tyson. After just 5 fights (all wins, 4 by KO) he has proven that he has superstar potential and that there are two Fury's we should look out for in the heavyweight division.

On Saturday night most people saw Hughie fight for the first time. His first televised fight in the UK on Channel 5 was a first round KO victory over Ladislav Kovarik (10-15, 5 KO's), a game but over-matched opponent. After the fight in a post-fight interview Hughie stated that he wanted to beat Mike Tyson's record and become the youngest heavyweight world champion. Now if most 18-year old's said this at just 5-0 in a division that the Klitschko brothers currently rule, most people would laugh. However, Hughie is not your usual young up and coming heavyweight, and many people do believe he could actually do this.

So, as Fury was a big talking point in the boxing community on Twitter after his performance, we posed this question to our fans: Can Hughie Fury break Mike Tyson's record and become the youngest heavyweight world champion of all time?

Here is the response we got:

Yes: 50%

No: 17%

Maybe: 33%

  • @adam_canavan - He can do it. He's very active which helps. I'd like to see him fight Tom Dallas in two fights time. 
  • @mrdaj - Has great tools etc and don't see why not. But needs bigger tests. The fella last night was a bum!
  • @Andyheathy - I very much doubt it, but its not impossible.
  • @BoxingTubes - Possible, too early to tell. Other promoters might slow him down and only want him to box on their TV shows/dates.
  • @aaronlpritchard - He does look class for such a young lad. Needs some better opposition soon though. Will be interesting to see him in 18 months. 
So there you go - The boxing community has faith in young Hughie Fury. 50% of them, including myself, believe he can go onto become the youngest heavyweight champ of all time. 33% were a little more skeptical, saying that he maybe has the potential to but not if the Klitschko's are still around, and just 17% said there's no chance at all.

I've seen 3 of the 5 Hughie has had so far and every single one he's shown me something different. Maybe we shouldn't believe the hype this early on his career but it's hard not to when an 18-year old is boxing like this. As long as he stays focused, stays fit and keeps winning the way he does there's always a possibility. The future looks bright for this young man!

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