Thursday, 20 June 2013

Q&A with Anthony Hardy

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97 - @BoxingOpinions1

Horden boxer Anthony 'Hitman' Hardy makes his professional debut on July 7th at the Stadium of Light, Sunderland. The 21-year old has big dreams for his boxing career and hope to get off to get a good start when he steps into a professional ring for the very first time next month. BoxingOpinions had the chance to chat the talented and ambitious young man:

So your professional debut is just a few weeks away, are you looking forward to joining the pro ranks?

Yes, only 3 weeks away and I am really looking forward to my pro debut July 7th! It's going to be a huge day for me. 

Can you tell us what weight you will be fighting at, and if an opponent has been announced yet?

I will be fighting at 10st6 (light welterweight) and my opponent is Matt Seawright.

You will be fighting at the Stadium Of Light (home of Sunderland FC).. What's it like to be fighting at a venue like this in just your first pro fight?

Fighting on such a big stage for my debut is an honour, I am just happy to be fighting, nevermind in such a great stadium! 

How have ticket sales gone for this fight? Have you been getting a lot of support?

Support from my family, girlfriend, workmates, and gym mates has been great and really appreciated! Selling tickets has been going well too and I expect to sell around 100 hopefully!

Can you tell us a bit about your amateur career - what you achieved and how long you were boxing for?

I started boxing at age of 10 having my first fight at 11. In my amateur career I had 51 fights winning 29. I boxed up and down the country against top national standard opposition. After a few bad decisions in championships and fights for belts I chose to switch to the pro ranks. Which I believe my style is more suited to anyway. 

To someone who has never seen you fight before, how would you describe your style?

To someone who hasn't seen me box before I'd describe my style as  a slick, smart and thoughtful puncher. I invite pressure from my opposition and then make him pay with my quick counters.

Could you also tell us a bit about the team around you, manager, trainer, promoter etc?

I box out of the Gus Robinson stable, coached by Peter Cope Snr. And managed by Alan Temple. Phil Jeffries is promoting the show Summer Rumble 3 at the Stadium of Light which I'm fighting on.  

Who have been your idols in boxing over the past few years?

My idols in boxing are very different in style and attitude but all were great champions. 
I admire Naseem Hamed  the most for his utter confidence and ring presence, it can only be copied but never perfected. 
And also Thomas Hearns who I stole my name "Hitman" from, I love how solid his straight shots landed and I like to think I am similar in style. 

What are your aims and ambitions in your boxing career?

My aims in my career is to keep winning every fight starting with my debut and perform to the best of my ability. I hope by the time I am 25/26 I could break into the big scene for well respected titles. To fight on the prizefighter show would be a dream too! I am made for it!!

Finally, can you give a message to your fans & also a prediction for fight night?

A message for my fans would be, keep following my progress and come to every fight you can, I PROMISE to impress and I appreciate every little bit of support I'm given! Means a lot. 

Prediction for the fight is a 40-36 points win for myself and a nice clean performance, if I see the chance to take him out I will capitalise though! 
Either way I can not be beaten in the shape I am and the way I have been training. 

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