Wednesday 22 May 2013

The Fans Have Voted: Froch Vs Kessler II

69% of fans picking Carl Froch to get redemption!

What way will it go this time?
It is the week of the big one! On Saturday night IBF super-middleweight champion Carl Froch takes on WBA titleholder Mikkel Kessler in one of the most highly-anticipated rematches of all time. The boxing Twitter community has been going crazy for this one for months and now we're just days away. It's needless to say that we received more votes for this than any other fight this year, and we've done this for fights like Mayweather-Guerrero, Trout-Alvarez & Peterson-Matthysse. That shows just how big this fight is.

Now on paper and with most experts, this fight is 50/50. But British fans have got behind their man in this one and the voting shows it:

Carl Froch to win - 69%

Points: 44%     KO: 56%

Mikkel Kessler to win - 27%

Points: 63%     KO: 37%

Draw: 4%

So there we go. 69% of the fans are picking Carl Froch to win this fight, and 56% of those people believe it will be by KO. Maybe it's down to 'Froch-fever' sweeping the nation this week, but it still show that British fight fans are confident in their man.
The people who picked Kessler to win mainly think it will be on points. If you look at this as a neutral analyst, this may seem like the most likely outcome because Kessler is without doubt the more skilled fighter. But when you look at the form 'The Cobra' has been in lately it is very hard to look past a victory for the Nottingham fan-favorite. 

Personally, I can't see a knockout or even a knockdown happening in this fight. I think this will go the distance and will be extremely close, leaving a lot of pressure on the judges, who I believe will just edge towards Froch. 'The Cobra' by split decision is my prediction. In this type of fight though, nobody can be certain of the outcome, but one thing we can be certain of with these two guys in the same ring is action! No matter what way this fight goes, I'm sure you will enjoy it!

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