Friday, 5 April 2013

Q&A with Hughie Fury!

World Junior Amateur Heavyweight Champion Hughie Fury made his professional debut just a few weeks ago and is looking to make a big impact on the current heavyweight division in Britain and worldwide. We caught up with the 18-year old and asked the following questions: 

What are your thoughts on the current heavyweight division? And what do you think you can add to it?

I think it's poor and I'm gonna give it what it's lacking. 

To become the youngest ever heavyweight champ you'll have to keep busy and gain a lot of experience.. How many times do you plan to fight this year?

At least 12 but I'm hoping 15 fights. 

Your debut was an impressive 2nd round stoppage victory over David Whittom.. How did you feel in the ring? Was it what you was expecting?

Yes best feeling ever it's always what I've wished for to get in the pro ring. 

Your next outing is on April 20th.. Any news on who you're fighting yet?

My next outing could be this Tuesday 9th April it's in the balance at moment. But no I do not know who I'm fighting April 20th and to honest I don't care who I got. 

Tyson is currently in camp for the biggest fight of his career.. What's it like training with him and your father Peter?

I learn all the time from my Team which is my Dad & Tyson also it's damn hard work!!

You achieved a lot as an amateur.. What is your proudest boxing moment so far?

Winning World Juniors, having national anthem playing on the podium. And being handed my Gold Medal. 

Eddie Hearn is looking for a "heavyweight star." Would you ever be interested in signing with Matchroom?

My Dad deals with all that but I'm happy as I am. 

What are your long-term aims and ambitions in boxing?

To be HW world champion and to reign for a long time and be remembered as a top fighter. 

How long do you really believe it will take you to earn a world title shot?

In 2 yrs I will be 20. Will see how I'm doing and if good will go for major title. 

Who were your boxing idols when you were just starting out?

Roy Jones. Ali. Hearns. Ray Leonard. Mike Tyson. 

Looking at the current British heavyweight division right now.. Is there anyone other than Tyson & Haye who you believe we should look out for?

Only the Klitchkos have proven them selves. Everyone else inc my self will have to prove what their worth. 

And finally, what's your prediction for Tyson Fury Vs Steve Cunningham on April 20th?

He will get KOd sooner rather than later.

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