Thursday, 21 February 2013

Tony Thompson says drugs should be allowed in boxing!

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97.

On Saturday night Tony Thompson takes on highly-rated British heavyweight giant David Price. Today the two men were interviewed alongside each other on 5 Live and BBC Breakfast, and Thompson had something a little controversial to say. The 41-year old believes that boxers should be allowed to use drugs.

"I they should allow doping, period," said Thompson. "Because for me its like the gun law. Only the good guys are listening. It leaves the good guys without the guns."

But he did add that he would not be using the drugs himself, even if they were allowed. 

"Its an issue of choice. I would never want to be doing anything to alter my body down the road anyway."

Price, 29, also gave his thoughts on drugs in sport: "It is worrying and concerning that people out there are using drugs to enhance their performance, especially in boxing. It is not a level playing field at all if one person is on drugs."

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