Wednesday 20 February 2013

Rigondeaux has no issue with drug testing...

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97.

The highly-anticipated super-bantamweight unification bout between Nonito Donaire and Guillermo Rigondeaux now seems in doubt after Nonito Donaire took to Twitter yesterday and released the following statement:

“I want you guys to hear it from me first. I am NOT going to NYC for the presser this Thursday [because] Rigo is backing off his agreement to VADA drug testing. Rigo's team verbally agreed to VADA testing both online and in negotiations. But now that the contract to start testing is infront of them, they are finding every excuse not to sign and delay the start of the testing. I have NOT signed my fight contract yet to fight him so I have no obligation to fight ONLY HIM. It disappoints me that top fighters these days run from everything that will hold professional boxing integrity to its highest standard. I will be looking into other opponents with my manager, Cameron Dunkin immediately."

However, Rigondeaux's team have responded to the Filipino's allegations, and claim that their fighter has absolutely no problem with the VADA random drug testing. His manager Gary Hyde also stated that it was part of the 30-year old's Olympic training program during his amateur days in Cuba.

"Rigo has never refused to sign up for VADA testing," Hyde told "I asked Top Rank lawyer Dan Pancheri today if he would send the VADA agreement in Spanish as Rigo does not understand English. I also asked that all substances given to Donaire by Victor Conte be sent to us so that we could have them checked out. I have just received the VADA agreement in Spanish and Victor Conte has agreed to send us all substances he is giving Donaire. Rigo will now sign the VADA agreement and Donaire should sign the bout contract. Donaire should not put anymore misleading posts on Twitter. Let's get it on. Rigo's time to show the world who's boss,"

Boris Arencibia, CEO of Caribe Promotions and Rigo's co-promoter, was also upset with Donaire's comments on Twitter and claims that his fighter is 100% ready and confident of signing up for the drug testing and he doesn't care if its VADA, USADA or any other company.

“We do not understand this situation. From the moment the fight was announced we all agreed to involve the VADA drug tests,” Arencibia said. "We just received these VADA documents earlier today, where is states that Rigondeaux and Donaire will be submitting themselves to blood tests to detect PEDs and we are ready to take these tests."

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